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Zend Framework 2

Zend Framework 2 Training

What is Zend Framework2
   Zend Framework 2 is an open source Module based framework for developing web applications and services using PHP 5.5+. Zend Framework 2 uses 100% object-oriented code and utilises most of the new features of PHP 5.5

Uses of Zend Framework 2
   Some of the Big Advantages of using Zend 2 Framework is it is light weighted fast
Stable verion has community support and It has moduler based architecture .
it can be used to create long lasting Product for a company like Ola uber admin and Frontened .It can be beautifully mixed With angularjs, Jquery .

Advantages of Zend Framework2
   It has Stabalized Libraray . compared to Core php it has Well structured Architecture .
that supports Resubality concept and features like mail,pdf creation Object oriented Functionality maintain every thing logically.

Zend Framework 2 Course Content

  • Zend Framework 2 Basics
  • Introduction
  • Setting up a Zend Framework 2 project
  • Handling routines
  • Installation of gitbash
  • Installation of xampp server
  • Installation of Zend studio
  • Using configurations to your benefit
  • Understanding Invokables
  • Additions of methods and passing data using view model
  • Creating new controllers in default Module and activatingit.

  • Creating Music module from Screatch
  • Directory structure of Module
  • Creation and Working of module.config.php
  • Creation and working of Module.php
  • Creation of new controllers - methods - Data passing using Array

  • Creations of Forms
  • Introduction
  • Creating forms
  • Using form view helpers
  • Creating a custom form element and form view helper
  • Validations for Form Fields
  • Using filter

  • Using View
  • Introduction
  • Working with View
  • Creating a global layout template
  • Creating reusable Views
  • Using view strategies/renderers
  • Using contest switching for a different output
  • Writing a custom view strategy/renderer

  • Configuring and Using Databases
  • Introduction
  • Connecting to a database
  • Executing simple queries
  • Executing queries using Tablet Gateway
  • Optimization with a DB profiler
  • Creating a Database Access Object

  • Login Logout Authentication
  • Creation of login Form
  • validation of form
  • checking through Database

  • Database Interections
  • Insertion of Data
  • Deletion of data
  • Updation of data
  • Selection of Data
  • Joining of Two tables

  • Pagination
  • How to use Zend Paginator
  • Using fetchAll method

  • Handling Authentication
  • Introduction
  • Understanding up a simple database Authentication
  • Setting up a simple database Authentication
  • Writing a custom Authentication method

  • Optimizing Performance
  • Introduction
  • Caching and When to Cache
  • Understanding and Using storage plugins
  • Setting up a caching system

  • Jquery in Zend Framework 2
  • Introduction of jquery
  • Placement of Jquery file
  • Crud Operation Using Jquery

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