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Mysql Questions

<p>1. What is MySQL?&nbsp;<br />
MySQL is an open source DBMS which is built, supported and distributed by MySQL AB&nbsp;<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp;(now acquired by Oracle)</p>

<p>2. What are the technical features of MySQL?&nbsp;<br />
MySQL database software is a client or server system which includes<br />
&nbsp; Multithreaded SQL server supporting various client programs and libraries<br />
&nbsp; Different backend<br />
&nbsp; Wide range of application programming interfaces and Administrative tools.</p>

<p>3. Why MySQL is used?<br />
MySQL database server is reliable, fast and very easy to use.&nbsp; This software can be downloaded&nbsp;<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp; as freeware and can be downloaded from the internet.</p>

<p>4. What are Heap tables?<br />
HEAP tables are present in memory and they are used for high speed storage on temporary<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp; basis.<br />
&bull; BLOB or TEXT fields are not allowed<br />
&bull; Only comparison operators can be used =, &lt;,&gt;, = &gt;,=&lt;<br />
&bull; AUTO_INCREMENT is not supported by HEAP tables<br />
&bull; Indexes should be NOT NULL</p>

<p>5. What is the default port for MySQL Server?<br />
The default port for MySQL server is 3306.</p>

<p>6.&nbsp; What are the advantages of MySQL when compared with Oracle?&nbsp;<br />
MySQL is open source software which is available at any time and has no cost involved.<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp;MySQL is portable<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp;GUI with command prompt.<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp;Administration is supported using MySQL Query Browser</p>

<p>7. Differentiate between FLOAT and DOUBLE?&nbsp;<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp; Following are differences for FLOAT and DOUBLE:<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp; &bull; Floating point numbers are stored in FLOAT with eight place accuracy and it has four bytes.<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp; &bull; Floating point numbers are stored in DOUBLE with accuracy of 18 places and it has eight bytes.</p>

<p>&nbsp;8. Differentiate CHAR_LENGTH and LENGTH?<br />
CHAR_LENGTH&nbsp; is character count whereas the LENGTH is byte count.&nbsp;<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;The numbers are same for Latin characters but they are different for&nbsp; &nbsp; Unicode and other encodings.</p>

<p>9. How to represent ENUMs and SETs internally?&nbsp;<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp; ENUMs and SETs are used to represent powers of two because of storage optimizations.</p>

<p>10. What is the usage of ENUMs in MySQL?<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;ENUM is a string object used to specify set of predefined values and that can be used during table creation.<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp; Create table size(name ENUM(&#39;Small&#39;, &#39;Medium&#39;,&#39;Large&#39;);<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp; Create table size(name ENUM(&#39;Small&#39;, &#39;Medium&#39;,&#39;Large&#39;);</p>

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