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1. Conium 
It is interesting and inspiring to know that dangerous things found in nature, like poison hemlock, have the power to heal as well. Otherwise known as Conium, is an effective treatment for vertigo when lying down or turning in bed. In addition, you get dizzy turning your head sideways — specifically to the left — and when moving your eyes. Your eyes, by the way, may excessively tear or sweat, and be sensitive to light. Symptoms worsen with slight noise or the conversation of others. It can be triggered by smoking cigarettes. All symptoms are worse from long bouts of sexual abstinence and unsatisfied sexual desire. They are better from sitting, being in the sun, and applying pressure to your head. 
2. Gelsemium 
is warranted in the case of vertigo beginning in the back of the head and spreading from there. You may feel dizzy when getting up from a seated or lying down position — different than the Conium symptom. That dizziness is accompanied by blurred vision and is worse when you move your head suddenly. The vertigo feels as though you are drunk. 
3. Cocculus Indicus 
Cocculus Indicus” is a commonly prescribed homeopathic remedy for vertigo. It is best used when one’s nausea and dizziness are exacerbated by riding in a moving car or train. It is the premier herb for motion sickness caused by motion. Digestive troubles may accompany symptoms. You’ll know that Cocculus is for you if, looking out the car window, or out from a boat to the moving water, you suffer swift nausea. Simply, you can’t look at moving scenes. 
4. Phosphorus 
For older adults, “Phosphorus” might be the ticket to relief from vertigo. It’s best for the kind that occurs after getting up in the morning from bed. The sensation you feel is whirling one, a floating one. You have a strong craving for ice cold drinks and food. You feel much better in the dark. 
5. Pulsatilla 
The all-healing remedy is best for vertigo that lessens considerably when you are out in the open, breathing in fresh air. “Pulsatilla” is primarily a remedy for women, because the vertigo is worse with suppressed or delayed menses. For men or women, the symptoms are worse upon looking upward. Aside from dizziness, you’ll have stomach and digestive problems and bouts of nausea. 
6. Nux Vomica 
is a good bet if you tend to suffer bouts of vertigo in crowded places. Or places where lots of lights are bouncing around. This type of vertigo often leads to momentary loss of consciousness. Overall, you feel intoxicated although you haven’t drunk anything. Symptoms are worse in the morning, in open air, and when smoking.

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