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SELECT * FROM tbl_custom_coupon
GROUP BY custom_coupon
HAVING count(custom_coupon) > 1  

SELECT * FROM `tbl_itemizedbill_transaction` WHERE date(created_date)
= '2017-08-24' AND payment_gateway_status = 'Success' ORDER BY 
`tbl_itemizedbill_transaction`.`itemizedbill_transaction_id`  DESC

SELECT * FROM `tbl_itemizedbill_detail` where date(recharge_date) 
= '2017-08-24' ORDER BY `tbl_itemizedbill_detail`.`bill_id` DESC 

SELECT b.portal_transaction_id,b.created_date,a.created_date,
TIMESTAMPDIFF(minute,b.created_date,a.created_date) FROM
tbl_itemizedbill_detail a inner join tbl_itemizedbill_transaction b on
where date(a.created_date) = '2017-08-23' order by 
TIMESTAMPDIFF(minute,a.created_date,b.created_date) DESC   

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